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Anti Bullying & Equality

Gym Club Policy

Anti-Bullying and Equality Policy

Bullying can be defined as the deliberate, hurtful behaviour by a person or persons, in the form of physical, psychological or aggressive verbal conduct to another person.
It is important to recognise that bullying may not always be carried out by an adult, but more often than not, by another young person.

There are 3 main types of bullying:

1. Physical - hitting, kicking, pushing;
2. Verbal - racist remarks, threats, name-calling;
3. Emotional - isolating an individual from the activities and social acceptance of a peer group.

Examples of bullying in sport could be:

" A parent who pushes his/her child too hard;
" A coach who shouts at, or humiliates children;
" Children who actively seek to make sport a difficult or an unhappy experience for others.

Teifi Gymnastics will endeavour to make gymnastics a positive and fun experience for all children within a safe environment, where bullying of any kind will not be tolerated within the club and each participant will be treated as a young person.

Regardless of who a perpetrator may be, any signs or concerns of bullying should be reported to the Club Welfare Officer.

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