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Child Protection Policy

Gym Club Policy

Child Protection Policy

Participation in Gymnastics offers opportunities for children and young people to develop social skills, self-esteem, confidence and teamwork. Despite all these benefits, sport can provide easy access to children and present opportunities for an individual who may want to harm children.

The welfare and safety of children, young people and vulnerable adults is the responsibility of everyone in sport, whether paid staff or volunteers.

At Teifi Gymnastics, we have a duty of care towards all members and we are committed to adopting best practice to ensure the safety and welfare of all participants.

Teifi Gymnastics Club complies with the standards set in the British Gymnastics Child Protection Policy and the relevant national guidance (CA1989, CA2004 and Working together to Safeguard Children).

The policy is based upon the following fundamental principles:

" The Children Act 1989 defines a child or young person as anyone under the age of 18 years of age;

" All young people and adults, regardless of age, gender, disability, racial origin, religious belief and sexual orientation have a right to be protected from abuse;

" It is the responsibility of the child protection experts to determine whether or not abuse has taken place, but it is everyone's responsibility to report it;

" The welfare of young people and vulnerable adults is paramount and all concerns and allegations of potential poor practice or abuse will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and appropriately;

" Confidentiality will be upheld in line with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Club responsibilities and Good Practice:

Teifi Gymnastics endeavours to promote the highest standards of care for participants and will:
" Adopt the BG Child Protection Policy;
" Promote the policy to all club members and parents;
" Establish a Complaints Procedure, complying with BG guidelines;
" request written consent for participation, contact details, photography consent and medical information;
" Keep written records of any poor practice or child protection related incidents;
" Provide regular training for coaches, assistants and officials;
" Provide an open-door environment;
" Ensure every effort is made to prevent situations where an adult is alone with a child or group of young people;
" Ensure there are at least two responsible adults present at training sessions;
" Keep parents fully informed about child protection procedures;
" Designate a club Welfare Officer with CRB clearance and appropriate training;
" Screen coaches, helpers and officials - all with CRB clearance;
" Publicise an Anti-bullying policy;
" Ensure appropriate levels of supervision: Club training the ratio is minimum of 1 adult to 15 gymnasts (over 8 years of age); 1 adult to 10 gymnasts (under 8 years of age);
" Create a safe environment for members to enjoy and participate in the sport.

Supporting and spotting a gymnast is an essential part of coaching gymnastics in that it helps the gymnast to understand shapes, movement patterns and complex skills, but it also reduces the risk of injury due to a fall or error in performance.

Guidance on appropriate and recognised supporting techniques is given to coaches on the BG Coaching Awards, but a Coach will ensure that support is only used when necessary and is non-invasive. If a gymnast or parent has any concerns, these should be raised with the Club Welfare Officer.

A full copy of the British Gymnastics Child Protection Policy can be obtained from the Club Welfare Officer; or, by contacting British Gymnastics, Ford Hall, Lilleshall NSC, Newport, Shropshire TF10 9NB.

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