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Health & Safety

Gym Club Policy


General Statement

It is the policy of the Teifi Gymnastics Club committee to exercise a reasonable duty of care to Club members at all times when they are in the care of the club.

Volunteer coaches and auxiliary staff will be treated in accordance with normal health and safety guidelines issued in relation to 'employed' persons, and they will be expected to behave in a like manner.

For reference to government health and safety guidelines, please see www.hse.gov.uk.


Teifi Gymnastics Club will not be responsible for dealing with accidents at Cardigan Leisure Centre or Llandysul Leisure Centre, as any accidents occurring on these premises will be referred to staff at these centers. Staff members at these centers are trained in first aid, and there is no time envisioned when such a member of staff would not be available to deal with an accident situation.

Any accidents occurring will be referred to Leisure Centre staff and recorded in the Club Accident record book.

The club will carry out risk assessments for its activities and the equipment used, and any identified control measures will be applied to prevent accidents as far as is reasonably practicable. Club members will also be informed of any such risks and instructed on ways to reduce such risks.

It is essential that Club members and their parents/guardians be aware that there is an inherent risk in undertaking any activity, but that all reasonable care will be taken to reduce such risks. The Club will not, however, be held responsible for accidents arising from the refusal of members to adhere to policies relating to health and safety of its members. Any member of the club not adhering to Club policies will be deemed to be a risk to the overall health and safety of all Club members and will be asked to remove themselves from the Club activity immediately. Consistent refusal to comply will result in permanent exclusion from the Club.

In order to ensure that any accidents are dealt with in a correct manner, Club members are required to fill in a registration form giving relevant information as to medical history and to provide an emergency contact telephone number. On signing the registration form, the parent/guardian will be deemed to have read and understood the Teifi Gymnastics Club. Health and Safety Policy and to have agreed to be responsible for the Club member registered adhering to the directives contained in the policy.

Reducing risks

" Club members must, at all times, comply with the instructions of Club officers (coaches or auxiliaries) in good order. In turn, the Club officers are expected to instruct members in their activities with due regard for the safety and welfare of all Club members.
" Members, before commencement of gymnastics sessions, must remove all jewellery and hair adornments but keep long hair tied back.
" The Club kit, which all members are expected to wear to every Club gymnastics session, consists of a plain blue unitard made of silkskin/lycra, or an approved leotard which may be worn by Senior members.
" Club members should change into Club kit for their gymnastics session in the changing rooms provided by the Leisure Centre. There should be no unattended clothing or footwear in the hall where the gymnastics session is taking place, nor in the foyer of the Leisure Centre. Members must be changed, ready for the start time of their session.
" Parents/guardians and other friends or relations of the Club members who wish to watch a gymnastics session; are most welcome to use the spectators galleries provided, by the Leisure Centres, for this purpose. Spectators, including parents/guardians, are not permitted to remain in the hall itself during a gymnastics session. This directive is inline with Leisure Centre policy.
" Any Club member arriving early for his/her appointed gymnastics session is to remain outside the hall or to remain seated on the bench provided in the hall, unless otherwise directed by a Club official. The Teifi Gymnastics Club is not responsible for the health and safety of any Club member until his/her appointed gymnastics session commences. Members are expected to leave the hall immediately following his/her appointed gymnastics session. The only exception to this directive would be in the case of Club members who are training as coaches or assistant coaches.
" Leisure Centre staff are responsible for obtaining equipment from the leisure centre store as well as ensuring its fitness for use. Club coaches will also, however, be expected to check the equipment prior to use and, if dissatisfied, refer any problems to leisure centre staff. Should Club coaches consider the equipment unfit for use, it shall not be used until made safe.
" Gymnastics equipment must be set up prior to the attendance of Club members. Members shall not be permitted to enter the hall for commencement of the gymnastics session until the equipment is ready for use. Where additional equipment is required during a gymnastics session, only Club coaches and leisure centre staff shall set the equipment up.
" In any event where a Teifi Gymnastics Club official (coach or auxiliary) considers a member to be unfit for a gymnastics session, acceptance into that session may be refused or removal from the session may be requested. The member and his/her parent/guardian will be informed of the decision as soon as practicably possible.

Policy Limitations

1. This Health and Safety Policy only covers the health and safety of Teifi Gymnastics Club registered members during Teifi Gymnastics Club gymnastics sessions. Members are expected to adhere to policy directives and may be refused entry to any session if a club officer considers that the member constitutes a risk to him/her self or to any other Club member or Club officer.
2. Teifi Gymnastics Club is not responsible for the health and safety of Club members at any time other than during the registered Club members' appointed gymnastics session. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians of the Club members to ensure the health and safety of Club members at all other times.
3. Any person attending Teifi Gymnastics Club gymnastics sessions on a visitor or trial basis (permissible for no more than 2 sessions, concurrent or otherwise) shall be regarded as a club member in all aspects regarding health and safety.
4. Any person taking part in a Club gymnastic session as a visitor (see 3 above), will be expected to adhere to the directives within this policy (with the exception of requirement to wear Club clothing - a suitable alternative will be accepted). Whilst a registration form need not be filled in for a 'visitor', an emergency telephone number must be provided and the 'visitor' or his/her parent/guardian, before the gymnastics session commences, must disclose any relevant medical history.
5. Teifi Gymnastics Club is not responsible for the health and safety of any body that is not a registered Club member (for exception, see 3 above) or Club official (coach or auxiliary).
6. Teifi Gymnastics Club is not responsible for the safe keeping of any possessions of registered Club members or Club officials or 'visitors'. Nor is the Club responsible, in any way, for any person or possession associated with the registered Club member, Club official or 'visitor'.

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